The first part of the new episode from Despegando Show con Adriana Gallardo is live today on Los Sueños de Giselle is the second episode of this reality web series which premiere recently. The renowned entrepreneur Adriana Gallardo makes us part in the touching story of Giselle, a little girl who was victim of brain cancer and who we will get to know more on this new episode.


Giselle had always dreamed of having a beautiful “Quinceañera” (Sweet Sixteen) party surrounded by family and friends, but fate took a different turn in her short 12 years old life. Knowing that she was very sick, she wanted to fulfill that dream, Adriana Gallardo along with Giselle’s family and Junior Foundation, a foundation that helps the community and families who have children with cancer, made that dream come true. Little Giselle died a month after celebrating her “Quinceañera.”

After this tragedy, Adriana Gallardo, along with the team of experts at Despegando, have made a commitment to help fulfil the dreams Giselle had for her family. She always wanted a better life for her family, she wanted them to be happy. Giselle’s absence has left her family with great emotional emptiness and an unfavorable economic situation. Her mother lost her job because she had to take care of Giselle due to her illness, this caused that their economic situation worsen because costs were higher and their income lower.

Adriana and her team at Despegando are committed to help Giselle’s family with the financial support and specially emotional support to help them assimilate and positively channel Giselle’s departure.

A great and emotional story that shows how important family unity is to move forward and overcome the adversities of life.