The show starts off strong with their first case of a young woman who’s Husband was recently received a 30 year sentence. Starting with a casual conversation about vision and purpose to now a reality TV show called Despegando Show. The mission of the show is to make a difference in people lives. To give that push and support people need as they strive to rise and reach their dreams. For me, it truly is an honor and privilege to work on a show that has the passion for helping people. Whether business, family, relational, spiritual, emotional, health…Despegando seeks to help. When we began to receive all the auditions it was very exciting. It quickly got intense as we began to go through the different cases. Quickly we were faced with many people with needs and dreams. Despegando’s first oi…exciting! The Despegando team had many emotions before and during the whole process of the show but there was one thing that was revealed that was very difficult to hear. Erika shared how her husband was taken to prison for something that he was accused of doing before he met her. He was arrested for molesting children and was given over 30 years. This was big to our team so I could just imagine the impact it made on Erika’s family including the young baby she has with her husband. These types of tough situations can push someone to break and lose hope or to rise up into new levels and learn things about themselves that they never knew before. How can we let things that could weigh us down go? How do we move forward past these emotional experiences? We need to learn how to recognize and admit our wrongs and seek forgiveness for our wrongdoings. We need to get in touch with, and really face and experience, the mental and emotional pain that was caused. Learn to allow feelings of rage and discussed, guilt and remorse, and grief and pain to surface and freely admit them and express the appropriate feelings but DO NOT TO STAY THERE. You only go into these things to bring healing and restoration. The goal is not to stare at the pain and injustices, which will only cause more issues by causing you to go down a deep dark hole. You must admit, and be honest about the issue but we are not to dwell on it and remain there. Let’s heal the wounding, and encourage inner resolution and release. Forgive those who have wronged you. This has nothing to do with you now, “Agreeing” with what they did to you but has everything to do with you now gaining freedom from it. When we hold onto anger, bitterness or hurt towards others we become a slave to them. Slave? How? Unforgiveness is a prison for our souls. We cannot allow unforgiveness or jealousies to imprison us and keep us from our living in our full potential, peace, and passion. Let’s do a little exercise. Right now I want you to think about someone who has really hurt you, someone you are holding something against. When you think about that person, when that person comes around you or when you simply hear their name spoken, what happens to you? Just hearing their name can really mess you up because you have become a slave to what they have done to you. It can ruin your day and can ruin your life by continuously robbing your peace and joy. Therefore, forgiveness sets us free from all that. Please don’t give someone that power over your precious heart and life. You have a legacy to leave therefore don’t allow what someone else has done or didn’t do determine what you will or will not do. Let us forgive and be FREE! Healing Roots Tool 1. Admit it! Admit the problems, confront your hurts and pains, confess your own wrongs, and admit the injustices against you. 2. Forgive it! Release yourself from being under their control. Remember it doesn’t mean that you now are, “ok” with what they did to you rather you are choosing to be totally free from it. 3. Move on! Make bold statements in opposition to the areas of previous bondage and weakness. Commit to walking in His light and truth. Decide to live in love and truth. Decide to only fill your mind with seeds that will produce good fruit! We must get the realization of your value and begin to step out of the prison and into the palace. Out of defeat and into your destiny. No longer focusing on your problems rather on your purpose. The Despegando team had a complicated case for their first go but more than anything exposed them to all the different helps people need. MOV_6522.MOV